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  • Atomizing Nozzles Technologies

    Atomizing Nozzles Technologies

Atomization with compressed air:

Principle of internal mixing:

The atomization of air and liquid creates a dual phase mixture in the mixing chamber inside the nozzle.

The shape of the nozzle causes a supersonic acceleration of the mixture, resulting in an extremely fine atomization of droplets.

Main features:

An atomizer delivers a slurry of an alkaline reagent (Lime slurry) into the flue gas to absorb the SO2 and other acid.

Gases HCl and HF; a close-coupled particulate control device, typically a fabric filter, is used to collect the unreacted reagent, fly ash and reaction products SO2 removal efficiencies to 97%

Main fields of application for Atomizing Nozzles Technologies:

1) Evaporative cooling system (ECS), for temperature control;
2) Spray dryer absorber (SDA), for acid gas removal (SO2, HCl, HF);
3) NOx control system (SCR - SNCR);
4) Combustion nozzles.

Valve rack for quenching tower. The system, which includes our atomizing nozzles, is aimed at the regulation of air and water entering the evaporative cooling system.

Design Characteristics:

  • Best Atomization Efficiency
  • Spray Angles, Optimized Lance Configuration
  • Rugged, non-plugging designs (easy maintenance)
  • Variable Dropsize Control
  • Wide Turndown for Changing Conditions