AWS LOV oil mist separator is designed to remove oil mist originated in the lubricating systems of compressors. The principle of performance is based on Brownian diffusion, which is higher when mist particles are smaller (i.e., their real size is below 1 micron). Usually, the particle size distribution in lube oil mist applications is in the range of 0.1 to 0.5 micron.

Every LOV oil mist separator is tailor-made and all the systems ensure the removal of visible plume and constant low pressure drop throughout the system.

In this article we introduce one of the biggest LOV oil mist separators ever supplied by AWS:

Type: LOV  
Model: LD 2500

Technical solution:

LOV LD 2500 system manages a flowrate of 2.500 m3/h of exhausted gas and oil mist generated by a turbine oil reservoir tank, the pressure drop throughout the system is lower than 180mm w.c.

Made in Carbon Steel, it will be installed in the automotive industry.

Efficiency removal: According to BS EN 1822-1:2009 / 99.975% @ 0,12 ÷ 0,25 micron or larger in diameter.
Piping class: Schedule 40 / 80 SEAMLESS ASTM A234 Gr. WPB.

No.2 centrifugal fans (100% + 100%) are installed on the mist separator.

AWS LOV oil mist eliminator is a modular system, providing a safe, flexible and economical process for the treatment of lube oil mist. 

Why is this a cost-saving solution?

The system recovers expensive oil, which is discharged from the filter and recirculated back to the lube oil tank. This not only guarantees a total removal of the plume, but also helps recycle the collected oil that would otherwise be wasted.

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