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Being a Fiberwind candle demister is great!
You start as a junior empty cage, and step by step, you become a complete senior demister ready to pursue your dream:
removing polluting particles from gas streams.

But let’s start from the beginning:

My working life started as a basic inox cage.
No expertise, no filtering media, no structure.
At least I could stand by myself.
But hey, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

I patiently waited in line, inside the AWS warehouse, and then…my turn finally came!

(Just for you: an exclusive picture of the friendly operators
working on the winding process).

I jumped on the winding machine and my transformation process began.
A friendly operator kindly started winding the filtering media, styling it the exact way my owner wanted.

I heard that the type of fiberbed, the design and the winding style are studied beforehand by AWS engineers to find the perfect recipe and enhance my efficiency to the Nth degree!

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the real pictures of this specific part of my life, as the winding process of Fiberwind candles is just like Coca Cola’s recipe:
extremely secret! And only a few people get to know all the details.
But I swear it is super fun and make my head spin all the time.

After the winding process, here I am, finally ready to shine!

Then, the packing procedure started.

First, I was covered in a transparent wrapping, which will keep me all white, fresh, and clean.

Second, I was put to bed in a wooden case, specifically customized based on my length and dimensions.

Here I am, resting a little bit before my career starts. I am already excited.

Finally, my filtration colleagues and I were loaded onto a big truck - what an adventure!

The friendly operator gently moved my cage from the AWS warehouse to the truck with a yellow mobile cart, which it’s called “muletto” in Italy.

Now, after a long journey, I have reached my owner in Far Far Away Kingdom (quote - if you know, you know) and been installed in a Petrochemical plant.

Here, I am responsible for fighting pollutants and other particles that insist on passing through the gas flow.

My Fiberwind colleagues and I usually collect more than 99% of these unwanted elements! Our work will continue until we are full and saturated. After that, we can be replaced with brand new filters or even renovated with clean filtering media.

Now it’s time for me to get back to work.
If you wish to receive detailed information about mist eliminators like me, don’t hesitate to contact my mother house, AWS:

Fiberwind mist eliminator are fully customizable and suitable for numerous applications.
Our junior filters are waiting for your orders to start an unforgettable career in the filtration world!

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