5 years already passed since our WESP got installed in an incinerator (Sisteron, FRANCE). We rediscovered the related article, published by “Entre2sites” on March 2015, and we are glad the system is successfully working since then!The plant has been installed after the fire swept through the old electrofilter. AWS proposed its project after detailed studies, selecting the most suitable materials for the specific situation. Our customer chose our WET ESP for different reasons: Environmental: The wet ESP is the best solution to reduce emissions, dust, pollutants…find out all the features...

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HOW TO SEPARATE LUBE OIL MIST? THREE CASE HISTORIES FOR OIL MIST REMOVAL – TURBINE & COMPRESSOR SECTOR AWS can contribute to the solution of many pollution control problems caused by oil mist. The lubricated rotating parts of all gas and steam turbines, turbo compressors and vacuum pumps generate a visible oil plume which is to be removed from the air vented to atmosphere. The installation of a simple but effective mist eliminator on the lube oil vent solves the pollution problem and, by recovering the expensive oil, pays off the mist eliminator cost in a short period of time. In this...

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Air Pollution Control Systems Sulphuric Acid Plant

Industries working in the Sulphuric acid sector need to cope with different issues regarding pollution control, plant maintenance, visible emissions, and so on.In the article you will find 3 cases of different Companies that contacted us for the supply of FiberwindTM mist eliminators, Co-knitted meshpads and a Jet Venturi scrubber.

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ZERO EMISSION PHILOSOPHY Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) dedusting for AN/CAN based fertilizer plant A CASE HISTORY Many industries may be required to reduce the amount of dust they release into the environment.  These requirements typically depend on application field, location of plants, type and quantity of dust. The New project for a new CAN/AN/AS universal granulator of a fertilizers plant was conditionally approved by Czech state authorities in 2013. The outlet dust & ammonia limits were strictly set by environment Authority and no water discharges were admitted, even...

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We are glad to introduce a new product of the AWS FiberwindTM family: the GX high-performance mist eliminator. This special candle filter combines different layers that facilitates drainage of the liquid collected. Thanks to the different technical feature of each layer, the GX filter ensure an excellent reduction of the pressure drop, at least 30% lower than the conventional elements. Guaranteed 99% mist removal at design inlet mist loading for most applications. As a result, an existing plant may use fewer filter elements at the same pressure drop. New installation can benefit from lower...

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First 2019 WESP project completed

This is a significant project for us, installed in a major italian industry of the automotive sector.Their need: Abatement of alkaline aerosol and dusts, given off by electric ovens Our solution: Scrubber combined to a Fiberwind plant

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Our contribution to Japan's 2010 Olympic Games

Big announcement! AWS will participate to 2020 OlympicsÖmore or less :)Our SS 316L + Carbon fiber Candles will be an important part of the Electrolytic plant that will lit the Olympic flame in Tokyo 2020.We are excited to have made our contribution (little but fundamental!) in this important worldwide event.

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